Dance Whispering - Defined

These series of videos are based on an article written by Juan Calderon defining Dance Whispering. 

Here is the link to the full article that inspired this video series, with additional content not included on the videos and with footnotes and links to sources.

Presentation by Shadé Zahrai
Content by Juan Calderon

Dance Whispering - Teaser

Dance Whispering - Full Video

Here is the video divided into three parts: Dance Shouting/Whispering Defined, What it looks like for Leaders and What it looks like for Followers.

Dance Videos

Juan Calderon & Madalyn Milazzo (Brisbane) - Brooklyn Bridge Freestyle Fusion

Juan Calderon & Shadé Zed (Melbourne) - Fusion at The Dance Nature Life Retreat at The Mansion, Puerto Rico

Juan Calderon & Shadé Zed (Melbourne) - Fusion at Lake Eacham, North Queensland AU


More videos coming soon