Click on any of the below to read what other instructors and professional dancers had to say about Juan's teaching and instruction.

“…life changing weekend. For one to make such an impact on so many, in such a short time, speaks volumes of his abilities as an instructor and life coach. I am forever a changed dancer.” Savannah Brooke, Professional Dancer, Cincinatti USA

“His classes are fun, entertaining and full of wise lessons for leaders and followers...” – Kristy Pinna, Connection Studios, Sydney Australia

“Juan Calderon is a consummate professional, whose unique teaching methods resonated with every one of the many students who attended his packed out workshops…” – Kristi Hall, multiple Australian  Dance Champion, Australia

“So difficult to find the words to describe how Juan Calderon impacted my life and those that took his workshops this parst weekend… As a Salsa instructor for about 20 years, I’ve never experienced being around such a phenomenal instructor/mentor.” – Annie Velez, Triangle Dancers, North Carolina, USA

"…surpassed the expectations that we all had for you… you broadened horizons and simplified things, all at the same time… You personally left me with a heightened sensitivity as a follower, and some new outlooks on leading and teaching all together.” – Jenny Geska, Triangle Dancers, North Carolina

Click on any of the below to read what Juan's students and clients had to say about his teaching and instruction.

"Juan's workshops were incredible..." - Cynthia Basham Crenshaw

" changing. My dancing will never be the same - every time I hear a lead say they love the way I follow now, I smile and think of how grateful I am that I had the opportunity to work with this extraordinary soul." - Suzy Murtha

"Juan has a very unique, and holistic, approach to his teachings. For instance, it takes the learnings from many respected philosophers and modern day spiritual leaders, and translates them into easily understandable and applicable formulas for dancers. I have walked away from his workshops not only feeling like I improved my dancing, but also with valuable life lessons... Mr Calderon is one of the best Latin Dance instructors out there." - Eva-Maria Heikenwalder