Dance Whispering

Juan Calderon

'The Dance Whisperer'


The Dance Whisperer

Known internationally as 'the Dance Whisperer', Juan Calderon is the master practitioner of the science and art of partner dancing. Through his in-depth knowledge of body movement, philosophy, psychology and how to effectively lead and effortlessly follow, he has become renowned for his unique style of instruction and ability to engage all levels both in one-to-one settings to large congresses around the world.

Dance Whispering is the art and science of partner dancing incorporating the basics of CONNECTION - breathing, aligning and interpreting energies - and understanding the formulaic fundamentals of lead and follow. It is the type of Connection on the dance-floor which allows our partners to enter a hypnotic and meditative dance trance in which leading and following become effortless.

Juan teaches the science and art of connection so that it is an effortless choice, instead of an unreachable goal. 


Freestyle fusion with Juan Calderon and Australian dancer Madalyn Milazzo on the Brooklyn Bridge, NYC.

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Juan Calderon is a world renowned dance instructor, choreographer, performer and entrepreneur. In the last two years Juan taught, choreographed and ran workshops in over 30 countries. What sets him apart from other instructors is his background in education, dance philosophy, his understanding of the psychological blocks that hinder growth and his years as an experienced Life Coach.

Juan is a master instructor of multiple styles of dance and movement including Bachata (Sensual, Classica and Urban styles), Bachata Fusion, Salsa (On 1 & 2, LA Style, NY Style, Miami Style and Puerto Rican Style) and Rueda De Casino. Further, Juan is skilled in both Kizomba & Zouk and is experienced in articulating and teaching on the intricacies of body movement and manipulation.  

Juan uses dance as a vehicle to help his students and clients in all aspects of their lives. Using Life Coaching techniques as the foundation, Juan has built a following of students who have not only learned how to dance (and dance exceptionally well), but they also strive for something greater, that is, learning to live a life of happiness and positivity.  

His education as a Life and Career Coach has also allowed him the opportunity to coach dance instructors and studio owners. As a 'business of dance' consultant, he has been able to help clients from around the world who now utilise his methodology, syllabus and business style to increase their enrolment, size and revenue. 

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"Connection: the act of connecting, the state of being connected, a physical link, a relationship or association between two separate entities..."that moment when two bodies move as one, when they synchronize their breath, their heartbeats, their pulse...when they both activate a higher level of sensitivity to each other and forget where each end and start...and instead look at themselves as one whole instead of two...the organic and natural state of becoming one." - JUAN CALDERON




Juan is an internationally regarded instructor and performer, recently being awarded his fourth Lifetime Achievement Award from the largest Latin events in the USA, including the LA, NY and Chicago Salsa Congresses. His dynamic and engaging teaching style sets him apart from others and feedback is consistently and overwhelmingly positive for what he teaches and what he 'preaches'.



If you're looking to elevate your dance ability and take it to new heights, Juan's private coaching sessions and packages are the quickest and easiest path to progress. Whether you're looking to start your journey, enhance connection, learn the art and science of partner dancing, break a current plateau or even if you're an instructor looking to get to the next level, Juan trains people from amateurs to professionals.



Whether you're a student of dance, a social dancer or a current instructor, if you want to take your game to the next level, Juan has trained instructors across six continents. Aspiring, experienced and esteemed instructors seek out his training and 'business of dance' consulting expertise because his system works and is so well received by the masses.