The Dance Whisperer

Known internationally as 'the Dance Whisperer', Juan Calderon is the master practitioner of the science and art of partner dancing. Through his in-depth knowledge of body movement, philosophy, psychology and how to effectively lead and effortlessly follow, he has become renowned for his unique style of instruction and ability to engage all levels both in one-to-one settings to large congresses around the world.

Dance Whispering is the art and science of partner dancing incorporating the basics of CONNECTION - breathing, aligning and interpreting energies - and understanding the formulaic fundamentals of lead and follow. It is the type of Connection on the dance-floor which allows our partners to enter a hypnotic and meditative dance trance in which leading and following become effortless.

Juan teaches the science and art of connection so that it is an effortless choice, instead of an unreachable goal. 


Freestyle fusion with Juan Calderon and Australian dancer Madalyn Milazzo on the Brooklyn Bridge, NYC.