Press play on the video below to see a summary of one of our amazing retreats:

For those wondering what is a Dance/Nature/Life, Bucket List, Bliss Vacation,'s a short summary:

1) First we select an amazing location...not just the city, country, continent, but also the place we stay at. Below, on the flyers, you can see actual photos of the locations we visit and the Mansions we stay at.

2)  Dance Workshops & Dance Socials almost every day.

3) Nature Therapy: chasing waterfalls, snorkeling, swimming with turtles, visiting gorgeous reefs, island hopping, sunsets, sunrises & vitamin sea.

4) Life Sessions: On every retreat we have life sessions that are designed to not only trigger attendees to indulge in their surroundings, making the most of their retreat, but also leaving a long lasting effect that attendees can take home with them. Souvenirs such as: practicing mindfulness, neuroplasticity, a growth mindset, more positivity, eliminating limiting language and negative self talk, becoming negative energy assassins and positive energy pollinators.

5) Sightseeing: Not just appreciating nature but also visiting and admiring ARTchitectural accomplishments of humanity.

6) People: Connecting with amazing people both on the dance floor and off. One of the major goals of these retreats is to bring people together who are both intellectually stimulating and emotionally intelligent. In the last year we had 2 of our attendees publish a book after being on a reTREAT and we have had 3 other attendees that are in the process of publishing their books. Just imagine, the reTREATs attract people that have something wonderful to share with the world. So much so, that book publishers have backed them. One of them even made it to the top of their list in their genre in their country when the book came out. Bringing these types of people together creates an incredible atmosphere for growth and learning.

7) Life Changing: That is the most common phrase that people use to describe the retreats. Why? Why are they life changing? The formula is easy, I discovered it in retreats that I personally was an attendee at...The Formula for a Life Changing Retreat is: An atmosphere that allows participants to open up their minds and their hearts + Activities that allow participants to practice being present in the NOW enjoying and indulging in connecting to dance to nature to growing and learning = A Life Changing reTREAT.


April 20th-20th, 2019: Sydney, Australia


1 week of sightseeing & the Sydney International Bachata Festival

And if you want to continue…Great Barrier Reef reTREAT is next…

April 29th - May 5th 2019: The Great reTREAT at The Great Barrier Reef


Whitsundays, Australia

Over 70 Islands in the Great Barrier Reef

June 28th-July 7th, 2019: NYC reTREAT


The Concrete Jungle reTREAt

In city that never sleeps…and we get to celebrate “The 4th of July…IndepenDANCE day!”

September 6th-15th, 2019: The Maldives reTREAT


Over 1200 Islands

Lots of Vitamin SEA…

Below are some testimonials from past retreats and instructor training: