Photo Credit: Sydney International Bachata Festival

Photo Credit: Sydney International Bachata Festival

Instructor Training available at all the reTREATs:

Why enroll in Instructor Training with Juan Calderon?

First a few credentials for those that don't know Juan:

Juan has…

22 years of dance, teaching and business experience

4 lifetime achievement awards

trained instructors in 6 continents

taught workshops in over 50 countries

3 DVDs that sold internationally at major retail franchise chains: Walmart, Barnes & Nobles and Target to name a few

a super impressive corporate client list (check below)

and last but not least, a clear understanding of what you need to become the best instructor you can be.

Corporate Clients that have hired Juan over the years:

FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), FAA (Federal Administration of Aviation), Intel, Lucent Technologies, Yahoo, Verizon, Nabisco, Hasbro Toys, Johnson & Johnson, Colgate/Palmolive, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Merrill Lynch, Ernst & Young, Prologis, Mack-Cali, NY Knicks, NY Jets, Madison Square Garden, MetLife Stadium, The NYC Police Commissioner, to name few…

Now a few words from Juan:

"I am passionately committed to teaching and spreading "Dance Whispering" and how we can use it as a vehicle to teach not just partner dance but also: consent, respect, connection and the Mutualistic Symbiotic model the planet so desperately needs. Dance Whispering is what fans affectionately call the system of teaching and dancing that I practice, utilize and teach. I have spent the last 24 years studying, teaching and holding workshops so that the Dance Whispering Model has many advocates, teachers and practitioners, but the planet is too big for me to tackle all by myself…so I made the decision to teach my model to others so that they can help spread it too." 

If you are interested in spreading Dance Whispering and becoming an instructor using this model, then you're exactly where you are supposed to be.  Not only is the Dance Whispering model good for the planet, but it is also the easiest and most organic way to learn how to partner dance. Literally everyone who has been exposed to it raves about it and every city that Juan has taught at invites him back again and again. At the end of this page there are links to articles and videos that have detailed explanations on what exactly is Dance Whispering as well as testimonials from people who have experienced it. 

For those that have already been exposed to it and are ready to schedule a private lesson, host me for a workshop or enroll in instructor training, send me a private message by clicking here:  Training with Juan Calderon. 

"I'm excited to share that I have a few Instructor Training courses coming up. April in Australia, June in NYC, July in Roatan, September in The Maldives, and more…”

This training is available to people who are interested in investing in their understanding of Bachata, Salsa, Zouk and Kizomba from the perspective of Leading, Following and Teaching. My intention is to put the right people in the room. People who are committed to a growth mindset. Who want to continue to improve and who want to inspire others to improve as well. Basically, I'm looking for a few good men and women: good hearts, good minds, good souls. 

During the training Juan will teach:

The Science & Art of Connection

The Science & Art of Body Manipulations

The Science & Art of Turn Patterns

The Science & Art of Timing

The Science & Art of Footwork/Shines

The Science & Art of Musicality

The Science & Art of Leading

The Science & Art of Following

The Science & Art of Improvisation

The Science & Art of Spinning

The Science & Art of Becoming Everyone's Favorite Dance of the Night 

This education will result in the participants reaching a level of confidence in leading, following and teaching at an advanced level in both Bachata & Salsa and an Intermediate Level in Zouk and Kizomba.

For those that like additional details…here is the long version. 

It's a lot of information, as Juan has had people come from as far as Asia and Australia to train with him in NYC, so he has put together all the information as detailed and as thorough as possible...that way you can easily read it all and make an informed decision 

Juan has come up with a curriculum that he teaches in 20 hours.

During those 20 hours he will cover

Ledading, Following & Instruction at Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Level. in BACHATA & SALSA and Beginner & Intermediate in ZOUK & KIZOMBA.

Participants will be able to teach them well, and of course through practice they will make it even more natural…but the system sets the foundation and makes it effortless as it is extremely organic and thorough

Each package is customized to fit you and to reach your goals. The package of multiple dances is designed to make it easier as each dance has elements which makes the other dances easier and the small group sessions allow for individual interaction and questions as opposed to large groups in a congress/festival.

Financially, currently on the planet more people are taking Bachata & Salsa Lessons than any other latin dance and they are both continuously growing. In certain cities Bachata has even outgrown Salsa…but Salsa is still very strong and continues to expand around the globe. Zouk and Kizomba are newer to the teaching scene but but are both growing rapidly.

Juan charges a lot of money when he teaches instructors…but, he gives a huge discount to people that sign up for his instructor training course as he's committed to create a better dance scene through better trained instructors and because he really wants to work with people that want to invest in their dance education and spread it through teaching.

In addition to the 20 hours of training…

The Instructor Training Package comes with permission to use all of the material, intellectual property, techniques and branding for commercial gain…in other words a commercial use license instead of a personal use license. Personal use license is what a student gets in a regular lesson. Basically, you would be able to utilize not just the material but also the branding, not just during your classes but also in your advertising. Example: "Dance Whispering", "The Science & Art of Connection", "The Science & Art of Turn Patterns", "The Science & Art of Body Manipulations"…just to name a few.

Included in the Instructor Training package Juan will also give you a simple to follow business technique report that he wrote/created/tested and used to build a bigger following, get more business, make more money and grow by:

a) Showing you how he grows his social media audience. Example, one of his trained female instructors, Heidi, has built a following of her videos and her dancing in several cities and even countries. She's already known as a super competent leader and follower wherever she goes. She even has videos that get more views than Juan's. Utilizing the marketing techniques that Juan has taught her in conjunction with his dance training, she has easily built a following of fans. 

b) Also, showing you how to convert your social media audience into paying customers. That's how Heidi got her first bookings to teach workshops at local studios…by using the techniques Juan taught her regarding social media. She has already taught in dance studios in Pennsylvania,  NY, and NJ and even got her first congress/festival workshop booking as well in less than a year after she completed her training. Many people teach for years before they get such opportunities. The instructors Juan trains get on the fast track by using the techniques that he has created/tested in his 22 years of dance, teaching and business. The goal is to increase your social media following and your dancing ability so that when someone sees you dance they want to hire you, instantly. Leo and Brianna both completed Juan's training and use the business techniques to build their following and to book gigs around the planet.

Additionally, right now it's the best time to train with Juan…since he is constantly traveling and focusing on spending more time in Australia. He currently has a 1 year visa so he keeps going back and forth and is trying to get another one once this one expires. So it's the perfect time to take advantage and train with him, because he will definitely be leaving for a few months and possibly a year, depending on the next Visa he gets. 

Normally Juan charges $300 per hour for instructor training. But you will receive a huge discount if you register for this special group package. 20 hours would come out to $6000 BUT YOU WILL NOT PAY THAT.... 

YOU WILL PAY ONLY $3000 (it's a 50% discount)

Plus a $500 additional discount when you are responding to the online marketing).

Additionally, as a trained instructor, you would get commission on any travelers that sign up on one of Juan's retreats as a result of your promotion. Juan hosts dance retreats throughout the year. Three Retreats in 2017 (Australia, Puerto Rico & Dominican Republic). So if you invite a few friends and tell people about his retreats…you can easily make some additional money just by clicking a button on Facebook.

Juan started doing retreats first by promoting other people's retreats and making a commission. I promoted my friend's retreat to Cuba and with the commission I was able to pay my own trip  I also promoted my sister's trip to Costa Rica (and with the commission paid my trip). I now run my own dance trips/retreats for additional income and for travel adventures to places I want to go.

How quickly can a person make their full investment back?

Well, let's say that you start out as a super light weight, with just 1 hour a week, a super part timer, and you are only doing it very little in the beginning to get your feet wet, once you complete the training program. In this case scenario….

If you taught private lessons at $100 a session which is pretty normal for a well trained instructor, especially one that I have personally trained, and you only did a one hour session a week….after ONLY 6 months, you would have already made $2500…and again, that's only working 1 hour a week in private lessons. If you added to that 1 group class, or 2 hours a week of privates, then you would do it in half the time. So it is easy to see how quickly your investment would be working for you.

How easy is it to get clients?

I recently trained an instructor from Italy. She was getting a divorce and wanted to start a new career with her passion for dance. She was worried that it would be difficult to start and to get new students to build a following. She was super impressed and surprised that after completing my program, immediately, the first day she went to a nightclub, she got her first private lesson student. Why? and How?

Effortlessly!! Once you are leading/following better then the other leaders/followers at the clubs, including the established instructors, everyone will take notice. As your expertise level explodes, you will get more and more people, both male and females, leaders and followers asking you to teach them. 

I will also make myself available to give you coaching and tips/help when you need it. I will be available for you to contact me over my personal cell phone and Facebook…I make myself accessible to those that train with me…NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Because your success is my success. The further the instructors that train with me go, the more people see the value in my training. I am personally invested in you. 

I charge instructors that don't train with me $300 per hour for business consulting. But, for instructors doing my training it's FREE. My door is always open…as I want them to succeed and do well.

So, you get:
Leading Instruction
Following Instruction
Teaching Instruction
Business Coaching
and Life Coaching Training (my secret weapon to help students conquer any obstacles they encounter in dance and in LIFE). I have a ton of articles on this topic and a website for it as well.


Let me know your thoughts.

BTW, here are some testimonials from both instructors and students that have worked with me:

Here's my dance website:

Here's my life coaching website:


In our training we will cover somethings that most instructors never learn and thus don't utilize or teach, such as: both leading and following, how to specifically teach the material (the science) and how to help unblock students.

In regard to unblocking...I'm never insecure about teaching...regardless of the student's knowledge, shortcomings, blocks, etc. I always feel confident that i can help them and that I will provide mind-blowing content that will trigger epiphanies. This is the level of confidence and training that I will share in this training.


Here are a few video links to some of my trained instructors:

Christina Piedra: Christina is one of the first instructors that I trained. She started out with me as a beginner. I trained her to follow, to lead, to teach and then to choreograph. She now runs Cultural Explosion in NJ. She directs the most teams out of any instructor I know on the planet. She directs The Cultural Explosion Teams: The Pro Team (Cultural Explosion), The Semi-Pro Team (Son D'Explosion), The Student Team (Projecto Explosion), The Ladies' Styling Team (La Bomba Girls), and in some seasons: The Footwork/Shines Team (Soles On Fire) and the Men's Afro Cuban & Shines Team (The MACS). As if that was not enough, she also directs several of Island Touch's Teams in NJ & NYC: Island Touch (Bachata) both NJ & NYC, Nueva Ola (Semi-Pro) both NJ & NYC, Ladies Touch NJ. So that's a total of 11 teams. She also has regular group and private lessons that she runs every week and is not just a director, choreographer and instructor but also a performer. This is her full time career…she doesn't need any other job to maintain her lifestyle and she is not only successful as a dancer…but also financially.

Here's a video featuring Christina: Heidi Breslow: 

Hieidi started training with me a bit about 2 years ago. She started with lessons on following first, and then on leading and then on teaching. She completed my Instructor Training and 1 year after she started her training with me she had multiple local and not so local studios asking her to teach. She was able to quickly book a few workshops and even a congress/festival workshop as well. She has quickly gotten noticed by the industry using my techniques. 

Here's a few clips of Heidi:

Heidi Leading Advanced Salsa…this was in October 2015 so about a year and 8 months ago…she's much better NOW:

Heidi Leading Sensual Bachata…and this was in September 2015 so about a year and 9 months ago…she's so much better NOW:

Heidi Leading Advanced Salsa…this was in March 2016…so more current:

Heidi Following Sensual Bachata..this was in May 2016…she's even better NOW:

"Let me know your thoughts...I have limited spots available and I'm looking to lock in the group ASAP. I want to put the right people in the room together...good minds, good hearts, good souls. People that want to share with others and that are passionate about self development and growing our community. Dance Whisperers" Juan Calderon